What do you mean by “mental health?”

We accept no limits to human functioning, no definition of “normal” or “good mental health.” We have reason to think that humanity’s best functioning adults have achieved only a part of the potential inherent in every newly conceived human. We assume that people do malfunction in various ways, and that some people function better overall than others, but the overall functioning of even those who function best would improve if their distresses were eliminated. People who are unable or unwilling to function within the rigid boundaries of what society prescribes as “acceptable” may be functioning beautifully in other ways. Those who are not presently functioning well in such areas as eating, sleeping, working for a living, or communicating, may be functioning brilliantly at discharging, re-evaluating, caring for other people, understanding oppressive patterns, or creating art works. All people can, eventually, with the complete elimination of their distresses, function well in every respect.

Within the “mental health” system, “functioning well” tends to be defined as conforming to cultural conditioning imposed by our oppressive societies. This artificially divides those who supposedly “function well” from those who supposedly don’t.