What is “mental health” liberation?

“Mental health” liberation means freeing our minds from believing in the concepts of “mental illness” and “mental health.” It means knowing that any struggles that we have are rooted not in an “illness” or “genetic disorder,” but in distress patterns that result from hurts we have experienced but have not yet had the opportunity to discharge. “Mental health” liberation means understanding that all human beings are inherently fine and that any limitations on their ability to function in a fully human way (caring, intelligent, cooperative, pleased to be alive) do not arise from personal failing but from hurtful experiences that have been stored as distress patterns. It means ending “mental health” oppression throughout society, which keeps people feeling like they need to conform rather than be themselves, stay silent rather than speak up against injustice, and so on. It means working to change our society so that people are no longer mistreated either within the “mental health” system or once they get out of it. “Mental health” liberation means changing the “mental health” system to be a place that works for and is beneficial to everyone