Is it possible to completely recover from hurts?

Yes. Using the natural tools of Re-evaluation Counseling, permanent recovery is possible. Although it may take years to recover completely from some hurts, people can fairly quickly recover enough to regain control of their lives, have closer connections with people, and experience fewer difficulties in daily activities while they are on the road to full recovery.

Those of us who have been using the RC process systematically for a long time have been able to recover completely from all kinds of difficulties – being uncomfortable speaking in public, not being able to get a good job, etc. We use the process when taking on challenges, such as deciding whether or not to have children. Difficulties taking on such challenges are often related to early hurts that need to be healed. Once the hurts have been completely discharged, we find ways to become successful. Some people whose hurts were once labeled “mental illness” have also completely healed those hurts. For example, some have triumphed over feeling depressed all the time. Others are no longer suicidal and enjoy their lives. Others have stopped overeating, and are no longer tempted in that direction. There are many powerful recovery stories to be told. You will soon be able to read some of them on our web site.