What can you do to deal with a personal crisis if you are not going to use “mental health” treatment?

People who are involved in RC have Co-Counseling partners with whom they have regular Co-Counseling sessions. Co-Counselors use these sessions both to address difficult issues in their current lives and to heal from past hurts that otherwise would continue to surface and distort their lives. When someone in RC has a crisis, they already have a personal support network of Co-Counselors to draw upon to schedule extra sessions to address the emergency.

However, the RC community is not set up to be a crisis intervention service, and only functions in the above way for those people who are already participating in it. The best way to learn RC is to take an RC class. (See the RC website, <www.rc.org>.) You are welcome to use the RC theory on this website or on the RC website without taking a class. However, the terms “Re-evaluation Counseling,” “RC,” and “Co-Counseling” are registered service marks, and no one may teach this process and call it RC without taking classes and becoming certified to teach it within the RC Community.*

*If you are interested in practical steps to prevent crises or to possibly help deal with crises, go to “Staying Focused on Good Things in Life” on the Homepage of this website or click here