What if you are dangerous to yourself or others?

If everyone, including people in the “mental health” system, used the RC process, people would be much less likely to become dangerous, because there would be places to work on feelings in an ongoing way and in a way that steadily reduced the intensity of the feelings, instead of allowing them to build up and then be acted out. When people act in dangerous ways, they do need to be removed from situations where they can do harm until they are no longer tempted to do harm. We propose that they be removed to some place where they can be counseled, and have the chance to discharge on the distresses that make them dangerous.

Another form of violence is self-harm, and ultimately suicide. Suicidal feelings result from the ways people have been hurt. They can be discharged fully, just as any other distress recording can be. Attempts at suicide are almost always either the result of a person becoming preoccupied with a distress recording of suicide or an unaware search for help to heal. If all people attempting suicide received aware assistance to heal emotionally, they would lose interest in suicide and become pleased to be alive.

Our center will carefully screen out people who are prone to violence, as we are focusing on people who are able to function well in a cooperative environment. Each person at the center, including both staff people and residents, will contribute to the cooperative working of the center.