Is there such a thing as “normal”?

The “mental health” system has a concept of “normality” that permeates our society. Their concept of what is “normal” is based on the status quo. The status quo is based on what is acceptable to the cultural standards set by the groups that are in power, which often are a minority of the people in any society (for example, white men). The cultural standards of groups that don’t have economic or political power are seen as “less than,” “weird,” or “strange.” People from those groups are treated as not “normal.”

The status quo is “normal,” but this does not accurately describe humans in any group. Humans are constantly changing and evolving. Judging people based on the concept of “normality” sets up artificial standards that are different from how the majority of people in the world were raised. This leads to oppressive attitudes. “Normality” is a concept that promotes conformity to the dominant standard instead of valuing people’s own cultural strengths. Conformity is one of the things that fosters the inequalities in our social-economic system.