What if there is not enough resource to handle all the problems that people have?

The resources needed to solve the problems people face are caring, undistracted attention, listening, encouragement of discharge, speaking out against mistreatment, and thinking put into action. While the RC Community is limited in what it can provide (although it is growing and committed to spreading the understanding of these valuable tools), friends and families can learn the tools of RC well in order to listen to and support people, and help them set up lives that work better. Supportive networks can eventually be set up so that everyone will have enough resource.

“Mental health” workers can use the tools of RC in their work. Teaching RC can become part of all aspects of “mental health” work, so that both “mental health” workers and their clients are discharging and re-evaluating. As they use this process, people will reclaim their own natural power to better solve their own problems.

The current widespread use of psychiatric drugs in and out of the “mental health” system has greatly exacerbated the difficulty of finding and creating resource. Psychiatric drugs deplete resources by interfering, either completely or to a large extent, with people’s abilities to discharge and re-evaluate. Emotional difficulties can be completely cleared up through discharge and re-evaluation. These processes will enable people to think more clearly and therefore solve any remaining difficulties. Additionally, help provided can be more readily used if one can think clearly. Therefore, eliminating the use of psychiatric drugs will greatly increase the amount of resource available. In these and other ways, eventually there can be enough resource to handle everyone’s problems.