These answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about “mental health” issues are based on the theory of Re­evaluation Counseling (RC). A brief introduction to that theory follows. You can find a thorough presentation at

These FAQs put quotes around “mental health,” “mental illness,” and similar terms. This is because we are trying to differentiate between our theory and other theories. The concepts of “mental health” and “mental illness” were developed to explain people’s irrational behavior and related phenomena, that are not generally well understood. In our experience of using RC theory and practice, we have discovered that people diagnosed as “mentally ill” can heal emotionally and function in ways that would not be possible if they had the genetic or biological conditions that the term “mental illness” implies. This has led us to believe that neither “mental  llness” nor “mental health” exist as they are commonly understood. We continue to use the terms because they are in common use, but put them in quotes as a reminder that we consider them to misrepresent the nature of reality.