What would a regular day at the center look like?

Residents and Staff will share the cooking, cleaning, etc. Residents will have three or four co-counseling sessions per day. A minimum of these sessions will be one way attention from staff to the resident. As soon as possible the sessions will be two way co-counseling sessions between residents and staff as well as residents and residents. Staff members will have at least one session a day with another staff member or volunteer. There will be lots of opportunity for residents to get their attention off their emotional work (e.g. exercise, the beach, gardening, art work, music, movies).

Where will the money come from?

We expect to raise most of the money we need to run the center from private donations. We are in the process of raising 3 million dollars for the initial three years of operations. We also plan to apply for grants from foundations. Residents' health insurance is not a viable source of income for the center since insurance payment for "mental health" services is extremely limited and based on drug treatment.

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